Quality Policy 2021


Purpose: The URM Group strives to provide a quality service which conforms to all regulatory requirements and secures high customer satisfaction for our commercial and Local Government clients.

URM is committed to:

  • Engaging with the needs of our customers to offer services which generate value, offer integrated solutions and surpass expectations.
  • Making quality services the joint responsibility of management and our employees.
  • Developing a culture of work, which encourages and supports professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication.
  • Ongoing training and talent development for all new and existing employees.
  • Leading the industry with long-term competitive and innovative solutions.
  • Marrying quality outcomes to workplace safety, injury management and environmental quality outcomes including taking reasonable preventative measures to assess risk and a sound and systematic Recover at Work Program.
  • Continuing to improve our Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and as updated by ISO 9001:2015 through regular management reviews and external site audits of our operations and service offerings.

Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of all URM Employees.

This policy is periodically reviewed in accordance with the requirements of the Systems Manual.