Consultancy & Compliance

Environmental monitoring to protect your business and industry.

URM plays a pivotal role in ensuring any business or industry maintains excellent compliance records.

Our waste audits are instrumental in improving waste performance targets and essentially generate higher sustainability and financial goals.

Amid increased pressure to reduce environmental impact, we keep our customers informed about constantly changing government regulations and provide invaluable insight to improve corporate social responsibility.

Our experienced auditors implement real measures and cost-effective sustainable targets that will eliminate any environmental liabilities.

Achieving Optimum Waste Performancing Targets

Recycling, Resource and Recovery.

URM has been gathering valuable resource reporting data for government, corporate and business clients for over four decades.

Designed to identify unique opportunities for waste stream efficiencies, our optimised waste audits can pinpoint areas to streamline to save even more costs, with added benefit for the environment.

The data we collect from our advanced waste assessments identify the feasibility of enhancing recycling and resource recovery efforts.

We formulate responsible resource management plans that satisfy all our stakeholders in key areas:

  • Comprehensive and competitive benchmark data.
  • Detailed analysis on waste generation.
  • Verify and quantify waste pathways and diversion opportunities.
  • Examine and diagnose resource recovery opportunities.
  • Real measures, targets and recycling progress indicators.
  • Establish reliable solutions for a new resource management outlook.
  • Deliver an integrated approach for quality assurance.
  • Track record in executing financially viable results.

Keeping You Compliant with Waste Contamination Laws

Recycling, Resource and Recovery.

Contamination is a major issue in the recycling industry.

One of URM’s core focus areas is our due diligence to mitigate and eliminate any contamination in collection streams.

Our experienced personnel identify potential contamination liabilities and may also uncover potential health and safety issues putting you and your business at risk of non-compliance.

Our alliance with our clients assists them with complying with all relevant environmental regulatory, standards and sustainable company policies.

Resource Management & Training

One of the most rewarding aspects in this challenging and complex industry is guiding our stakeholders to sustainability success with a reputable resource management plan.

URM believes transparency is paramount in resource management. This is why we keep a meticulous record, so that we can provide waste audits and data for important research.

Through our own accountability, raising awareness and educational campaigns, we aim to empower not only our customers, but the public in general, to make more environmentally-sound choices.

Leave the Details to Us

Working with URM means having a partner you can trust to take care of the details.

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to responsibly reduce, re-use and recycle waste.

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