Safe Liquid Waste Management & Disposal

Save time and hassle with URM’s cost-competitive liquid waste removal.

From homes, to cafes, to large industrial sites, we do it all.

Our team works swiftly to minimise disruption to your operations.

What is Liquid Waste

Liquid waste includes fluids such as fats, oils, grease and wastewater.

These types of fluids cannot go in the general waste stream. Toxic materials can cause serious damage to the environment. Strict government guidelines dictate how to dispose of it adequately.

URM helps businesses and households manage their liquid waste responsibly. We’ve got a highly skilled team and custom fleet of trucks and pumping equipment.

Our specialists can help with pump-outs, cleaning, servicing and maintenance. We’ll even handle complex government regulations to protect your business and brand.

Book a one-off pump-out or collection, or arrange ongoing maintenance to satisfy health and safety requirements.

Avoid fines and damage to the environment, call the experts.

Types of Liquid Waste Include:

  • Organic Liquid Waste
  • Sullage Tanks
  • Grease Trap
  • Industrial Water
  • Grey Waters
  • Rainwater
  • Cooking Oil
  • Oily Waters
  • Septic Tanks
  • Ground Waters

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EPA Compliant Liquid Waste Disposal

Keep your site sanitary and reduce impact on the environment.

Our certified team adheres to strict government and OH&S requirements.

We process liquids in line with strict EPA standards.

Using smart technology, we clean, treat and repurpose wherever possible.

This helps reduce pollution, respect our waterways and protect public health.

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