Commercial Waste

Commercial Waste Management Solutions

Every business needs reliable commercial waste removal solutions and at URM, we take a hands-on approach in meeting your specific needs.

We get personal with your commercial waste collection and ask all the right questions to deliver the most cost-effective and hygienic commercial rubbish removal service.

URM’s tailor-made trade waste options maximise recoverable and recyclable waste and reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill.

This means we improve our customer’s environmental sustainability while helping their bottom line.

Commercial & Industrial Waste Management

Commercial enterprises and Industry are the largest producers of waste which is why they face strict environmental regulations.

Each of our business partners has unique commercial waste disposal needs and requirements and we focus on custom designed solutions just for them.

Let URM’s consultants take the pressure off your business and assess your commercial waste stream in the safest and most regulation-compliant way.

Custom Waste Collection Program

URM advisors will develop a custom waste collection program that services your individual needs.

We will create a schedule that allows the continuous smooth operation of your business.

Our waste management audit includes:

  • Analysing your current waste collection system with expert recommendations.
  • Determining how many bins and skips are necessary for your business.
  • Calculating the frequency of your waste service collection.
  • Maintenance of mobile garbage bins, skips and other relevant equipment.
  • Ongoing support and training in waste management.

Commercial & Industrial Waste Stream Analysis

We have the capabilities to handle all complex waste streams whether it is demolition, hazardous, liquid or electronic waste.

We have services to suit any size building and cater to a wide range of industry sectors including Automotive, Construction and Demolition, Events, Healthcare and Medical, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Property, Retail.

We have a range of rubbish removal containers we can deliver to your site or offices.

View our range of bins and skips and receive your competitive quote today!

FREE Commercial Waste Assessment

At URM, we pride ourselves on first-rate customer service and focus on fast and cost effective solutions for our clients.

With over 45 years experience in trade waste, let URM advise you on the service, equipment and frequency of your commercial rubbish removal.

We will deliver the most affordable commercial waste removal plan to suit any business needs.

We will provide your business with a commercial waste assessment plan that will maximise diversion from landfill, reduce your carbon footprint and waste management fees.

Get in touch with us for more information about URM, our products and services.