Scrap Metal Recycling and Disposal

Save time and hassle with fast, efficient scrap metal recycling services.

URM is one of the largest privately owned waste and recycling companies.

From homes, to offices, to large industrial sites, we do it all. We’re 100% Australian, and 100% committed to providing great customer service.

Commercial and Industrial Waste Management

The metals you can recycle depend on your location. Most households with kerbside recycling have specific guidelines.

We generally accept:

· Steel and aluminium food and beverage cans

· Coffee tins

· Steel sheets and off-cuts

· Aluminium sheets and off-cuts

Tip: Please wash food and drink cans before disposing of them.

Unsure what is or isn’t recyclable? Call us on 131 876 or check with your local council.

Construction and Demolition Metals Recycling

Construction and demolition waste counts for 40% of Australia’s total waste. This includes scrap metals.

URM helps thousands of companies divert metal from landfill. We understand the ins and outs of government and EPA requirements. We remove your metal responsibly to protect your business. Our skilled employees ensure minimal disruption to your operations.

URM has provided innovative solutions for 40 years. Commercial clients all over Australia rely on us to support their business.

Want 3 Months FREE?

We’d like to show you what efficiency and superior customer care look like by starting you off with up to 3 months FREE!*

*3 months free offer is based on a minimum 3 year term contract for new commercial customers.

New 1 or 2 year contract customers are eligible for 1 or 2 months of free services respectively.

Benefits of Metal Recycling

As Australia’s population grows, so does the amount of garbage. So we’re investing in smart solutions for our planet.

Recycling metal reduces the amount of:

· Hazardous waste sent to landfill

· Mining needed for new metals

· Air and water pollution

· Energy needed to create new products (versus from virgin materials)

We’re conscious of reducing our carbon footprint. And we want to make it easy for you to reduce yours too.

Once we collect your scrap metal waste, we sort, sterilize and recycle. We follow Environment Protection Agency best practices.

Aluminium, iron, copper, brass and steel can be reused numerous times. Your old metals can become new appliances, cars, planes and building materials. Many metal food and drinks cans are already 100% recycled content.

Get in touch with us for more information about URM, our products and services.