Waste Management & Recycling

Ranging from large shopping centres to boutique stores, retail clients across Australia turn to URM for retail waste management support.

Regardless of size, we create realistic and effortless rubbish removal systems that benefit the environment and your bottom line.

With over 700 employees, a collection fleet of 350+ vehicles and multiple processing facilities, URM has a plethora of retail waste management services, bins, and skips to suit your needs.

From supplying and emptying general wastepaper and recyclingcommingled and organics bins, to large skip for major retailers.

We also collect and recycle e-wasteconstruction materials from renovations, and liquid waste.

Expect trustworthy advice, superior customer care and discreet rubbish removal.

We’re your complete resource management solution.

You're in Good Hands with URM

With complex regulations and government legislations surrounding retail waste disposal, it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.

Let our resource specialists navigate you through the compliance maze and protect your brand.

By recovering valuable resources that would otherwise end up in the waste stream, we help you meet industry regulations; minimise your carbon footprint; save money on landfill costs; and keep your site clean and safe for staff and customers.

Get 3 Months of FREE Retail Waste Collection & Disposal*

See why we’re one of Australia’s top privately owned resource management companies.

Get up to 3 months FREE when you sign up as a new commercial client.*

*3 months free offer is based on a minimum 3 year term contract for new commercial customers.

New 1 or 2 year contract customers are eligible for 1 or 2 months of free services respectively.

Going Green Comes With Financial Benefits for Retail

URM is skilled at helping retail operations reduce environmental impact while boosting workflow and profit lines.

By creating responsible resource management and waste reduction plans, we work towards significantly lowering your rubbish disposal costs, thus increasing your bottom line.

It makes sense, environmentally and economically.

A key driver in our environmental success is rubbish segregation.

Colour coded receptacles, signage and strategic bin placement make it easier for your team to contribute to your resource recovery efforts.

Once at our facilities, we sort, sterilise and recycle your waste in order to divert as much of it as possible from landfill.

Everything we do complies with Environment Protection Authority guidelines and OH&S best practices.

Need Portable Wheelie Bins or Skips for Your Retail Store?

With one call, you could have a mobile garbage bin or skip dropped off at your site.

We have bins for every job and they can be emptied daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your needs.

We’ll also take care of the government regulations, so you can keep your retail business running smoothly.

Or arrange a collection by calling 131 876.

Rise to the Next Level with Retail Consulting & Sustainability Audits

Our comprehensive site audits reveal insightful waste reporting information.

Equipped with this data, our consultants can develop new strategies to solve your resource challenges and save costs.

This allows you to meet higher financial and environmental objectives and run a smoother operation.

Retail waste management audits include:

  • Analysing current waste stream and collection system.
  • Determining type and quantity of bins and skips required.
  • Calculating collection volume and frequency.
  • Maintaining mobile garbage bins, skips and other equipment.
  • Ongoing support and training.

Why We're Australia's Resource Management Specialists

Innovative Technology
We offer higher quality and cost-efficiency for clients by investing in state-of-the-art facilities and innovative systems to streamline rubbish removal services.
Expertly Trained Staff
Our staff are company ambassadors, trained at the highest standards. They work with integrity and respect, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.
Impressive Safety Record
Your safety and that of our employees is a top priority. We abide by a ZERO harm policy and comply with strict workplace health and safety requirements.
EPA Compliant & Eco-Friendly
URM is committed to protecting the environment and diverting more rubbish from landfill. We’re EPA-compliant and practice responsible resource recovery.
Excellent Customer Care
Expect good old fashioned service from our customer service team. We offer cost-competitive quotes and minimum response times to requests.

Centralised Resource Recovery Solutions for Your Business

Centralise your services and receive high quality customer care at competitive prices.

By partnering with URM, you unlock a complete waste management solution.

We get the job done swiftly and discreetly.

Our specialists can assist you with all aspects of waste management, including:

Get in touch with us for more information about URM, our products and services.