Industrial & Manufacturing Waste Management

The industrial and manufacturing industry looks to URM for sustainable, eco-friendly and affordable manufacturing waste solutions.

Whether you’re a single plant operator or a giant global manufacturer, we’ll work closely with you to create a practical resource management plan that benefits both the environment and your bottom line.

Practical Resource Recovery Systems for Large or Small Enterprises

Without disrupting your production line, we implement practical solutions to responsibly manage the inevitable waste generated via the manufacturing process.

By recovering valuable resources that would otherwise end up in the waste stream, we help you run a community-minded enterprise, meet industry regulations, and lower landfill fees.

Having acquired considerable expertise in the industrial and manufacturing sector, we’ve gained an intimate understanding of complex regulations and government legislation surrounding manufacturing waste disposal.

Our specialists can navigate you through the compliance maze and ensure you meet all requirements.

With over 700 staff, a collection fleet of 350+ vehicles and multiple processing facilities, we have a plethora of binsskips and manufacturing waste collection services.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, small production facility or large industrial operation, we have the means to support you with expert advice and superior customer care.

Get 3 Months of FREE Services*

URM has been exceeding client expectations for more than 45 years.

By investing in a highly skilled team, innovative technologies, and providing exceptional service, we’ve grown to become one of Australia’s top privately owned resource management companies.

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Lower Landfill Fees & Minimise Environmental Impact

URM’s unique combination of top technical experts and advanced equipment enables you to reduce environmental impact without affecting daily operations.

Our resource recovery initiatives ensure a significant amount of manufacturing waste is recycled.

We’ve developed rigorous EPA-friendly systems regarding the safe handling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous manufacturing waste.

You’ll be able to run your operations more effectively by lowering waste disposal costs; diverting more resources from landfill and incinerators; and implementing responsible waste reduction and recovery plans for the future.

These sustainability practices let us continue working with the community to create a lasting positive legacy for future generations.

Industrial & Manufacturing Consulting & Sustainability Audits

URM’s consultants provide valuable advice to assist industrial and manufacturing companies in developing innovative strategies to combat waste challenges, meeting financial and environmental targets.

Through site audits, we can collect insightful reporting data and implement smart eco-systems to further reduce your costs and run a smoother operation.

With an emphasis on workplace health and safety, consultants may also recognise and eliminate potential OH&S risks to prevent costly emergencies.

Industrial waste audits include:

  • Analysing current waste stream and collection system.
  • Maintaining mobile garbage bins, skips and other equipment.
  • Determining type and quantity of bins and skips required.
  • Ongoing support and training.
  • Calculating collection volume and frequency.

Why We're Australia's Resource Management Specialists

Innovative Technology
We offer higher quality and cost-efficiency for clients by investing in state-of-the-art facilities and innovative systems to streamline rubbish removal services.
Expertly Trained Staff
Our staff are company ambassadors, trained at the highest standards. They work with integrity and respect, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.
Impressive Safety Record
Your safety and that of our employees is a top priority. We abide by a ZERO harm policy and comply with strict workplace health and safety requirements.
EPA Compliant & Eco-Friendly
URM is committed to protecting the environment and diverting more rubbish from landfill. We’re EPA-compliant and practice responsible resource recovery.
Excellent Customer Care
Expect good old fashioned service from our customer service team. We offer cost-competitive quotes and minimum response times to requests.

Centralised Resource Recovery Solutions for Your Business

Centralise your services and receive high quality customer care at competitive prices.

By partnering with URM, you unlock a complete waste management solution.

We get the job done swiftly and discreetly.

Our specialists can assist you with all aspects of waste management, including:

Get in touch with us for more information about URM, our products and services.