Environmental Policy 2021


Purpose: URM is committed to providing industry-leading environmental and resource recovery services for business and throughout the community.

URM is committed to:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental regulatory, standards and contractual requirements through company policies, procedures and appropriate representations
  • Investing in innovation to move towards a ‘closed loop’, ‘zero harm’ resourcing configuration
  • Actively promoting the adoption of environmentally sustainable practices within the scope of community, industry and workplace education programs
  • Maintaining an industry leading environmental record through early management and monitoring of environmental risk particularly with regards to emissions and contamination management; and swift, thorough investigation after the fact.
  • Protection of the Environment and the Prevention of Pollution being at utmost importance in all the work that we do and in the services we provide
  • Continuous improvement of our Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 (EMS40019) and updated in ISO 14001:2015 through regular site audits.

At URM, we know that our current practices and the practices of our clients will ultimately affect the resources available to future generations.

Sustainability is our priority and we aim to be role models in this regard.

Compliance with this policy is the personal responsibility of all URM Employees. 

This policy is periodically reviewed in accordance with the requirements of the EMP.