Service update relating to COVID-19

URM is continually monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on our business and supply chains to minimise risk and prioritise the safety of our employees, customers and residents we service.

As an essential service provider, URM would like to take this opportunity to reassure all our customers that services will continue as usual.

All necessary steps are being taken to ensure our operations remain undisrupted during this challenging period.

URM Senior Management are meeting on a regular basis to assess the situation from both a public health and business impact perspective to ensure we are adapting to the changing landscape and remaining vigilant and proactive in our response.

Our Response, Plans & Changes

In line with the recommendations of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and NSW Health, URM has implemented a number of measures across our business to mitigate risk.


The following protocols are being strictly adhered to company-wide:

  • Following the social distancing guidelines where possible.
  • Anyone who displays the symptoms of COVID-19, or if a member of their household displays symptoms, has been asked to ‘Stay at Home’ and self-isolate in line with the NSW Health guidelines.
  • Following WHO hygiene protocols, which includes frequently washing hands using alcohol-based hand gel or soap and water and when coughing and sneezing, covering the mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or tissue – throwing the tissue away immediately and washing hands.
  • Following company protocols on cleaning, with a new consistent standard being introduced across all our sites.
  • Face-to-face meetings have been replaced with video conferencing where possible.
  • Staggered start times have been introduced at our depots to avoid all unnecessary gatherings and to ensure no more than 6 employees are starting at the same time.


All URM employees are continually being provided with up-to-date information and guidance, as well as company polices and plans to ensure continued health and safety.

Information kits have been distributed to all work sites, as well as among each individual employee, containing information of the potential risks of the virus and proactive steps that can be taken to mitigate exposure.

All staff have been encouraged to communicate any concerns or ideas for improvement with Senior Management.

All our commercial customers have been provided with up-to-date information regarding our response to COVID-19 and the ways in which their services may be affected.

We are also in regular contact with our customers, working together to support their businesses and service requirements during this period.

URM will continue to operate as normal as possible, however, it is inevitable that some changes will need to be made to our services to ensure they are rendered safely.

All the latest updates will be available on our website.


What do I do with waste that has come in contact with the virus?

We will be following Federal and State Government advice around the disposal of waste that may have been infected. We ask as a temporary measure, that any customer disposing of waste that is known or suspected to have come into contact with COVID-19, ensures the waste is double-bagged before collection. The waste should also be stored securely for 72 hours before you place in the general waste.

I am worried about my waste piling up. Does URM have appropriate levels of staff to cope?

We will endeavour to continue your scheduled service as normal. Our response teams have developed contingency plans for all sites, regions and areas to enable us to continue as per your schedule.

Will URM contact centres be open?

At the current time, we are aiming to provide customer service support during the usual opening hours. There may be increased wait times due to high customer demand and reduced staffing. We will do everything we can to assist you in a prompt manner. Sending an email to is a great way to receive information, and / or you can call 131 URM (131 876) and have Customer Service assist you.

Will URM prioritise certain types of waste collection (e.g. general waste) over others?

This has formed part of our contingency planning, however, we endeavour to continue collecting as normal and will only start prioritising waste if our situation changes. If our ability to collect some waste streams as regularly is affected an update will be posted on our website.