Why Choose URM?

No business or industry is the same. Build a strategic partnership with URM, providing sustainable solutions for your business to succeed.

URM shares a common vision with our clients to create an environmentally-friendly resource management plan that saves you time and money.

We align ourselves with our customer’s interests and needs, and we implement the most cost-effective waste collection and recycling programs to suit any size business or industry.

Our experienced consultants handle the complex regulatory requirements, so our stakeholders have peace of mind, knowing that their business is compliant with long-lasting, sustainable solutions.

Innovative Operating Systems to Streamline Your Business

URM's high level of technological integration distinguishes us in a competitive marketplace.

We invest significantly in advanced analytical software to apply the best trade practices of the future.

Using cutting-edge technology, we cater to a diverse customer base, including government and corporate clients, who trust URM as a specialist solutions resource management company.

  • Improves customer service information provided.
  • Reduced administrative effort and cost.
  • Improves route and operating efficiencies.
  • Reduces travel distances and costs with real-time progress.
  • Compliance, environmental and contamination monitoring.

At URM, Safety is Everything

Keeping our customers and workplace safe is the backbone of our business. URM believes that all injuries are preventable.

We will not compromise on the welfare of our people and we are proud to have a proven track record in safety that keeps our ZERO Harm objectives alive.

For the hundreds of staff carrying out URM collection services each day, our on-board tools boast standout safety system capabilities, guiding employees with live communication and combating driver fatigue.

Environmental Monitoring across our Entire Fleet

At URM, we take our role seriously as a company that is responsible for moving our society towards sustainability. We are constantly embracing new technologies to reduce our own environmental footprint.

A fleet with on-board technology and compliance systems gives URM the facility to track, understand and reduce our emissions company-wide at no sacrifice to the dexterity of the services we are providing.

Daily internal audit systems are essential to verifying that URM’s environmental management, contamination control programs and quality management systems are all in line with all our business activities.

State of the Art Equipment and Services for our Customers

URM’s diverse fleet of trucks is capable of accessing the most difficult areas.

We offer an assortment of bins and skips that suit a broad range of services from general waste to solid waste; extensive recycling options; and proper management of regulated hazardous, special, and medical wastes.

Our professional consultants will conduct a free site assessment, which will include an overview of asset management, environmental practices and liability protection.

We are EPA-compliant and we practice responsible resource recovery.

Get up to 3 Months FREE as a New Commercial Client*

Centralise your services and receive high-quality customer care at competitive prices.

By partnering with URM, you unlock a complete waste management solution. We get the job done swiftly and discreetly.

If you’re not sure which services are best for you, a dedicated URM waste specialist can walk you through our many services. We’ll find the most convenient and cost-effective solution for your needs.

*3 months free offer is based on a minimum 3 year term contract for new commercial customers.

New 1 or 2 year contract customers are eligible for 1 or 2 months of free services respectively.

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