Michael Harris

Company Secretary & Chief Legal Counsel

Honours Degree in Law and Applied Finance

Having first worked at Mallesons Stephen Jacques and Clayton Utz before entering private practice as a solicitor, Michael has now been engaged in corporate and commercial law, advisory and dispute resolution for almost 15 years, during that time working closely with URM and the environmental services industry.

As company secretary and chief legal counsel for URM, Michael has worked closely with Anthony and Dave Johnston for more than a decade; negotiating, brokering and implementing deals with public international companies and all manner of suppliers, service providers and authorities.

In parallel with his duties to the URM group of companies, Michael maintains his own private commercial legal practice in the CBD, where his team (including Jackson and Andrej) provide daily support to the many and varied legal needs of the URM group.

“URM is both a local success story based on deep community connections, and an international powerhouse in the waste and recycling industry.

Across the broad range of enterprise I am called upon to counsel in legal and corporate affairs, no relationship is more dynamic and rewarding than that of legal counsel and company secretary to URM and its international affiliates.

Their constant drive for improvement, scale and efficiencies proves to deliver not only rewarding engagement for its many stakeholders, but serious and lasting community and environmental benefits for current and future generations of people both here and abroad.”

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